How I spent my summer vacation...
OK, not really...but, it's still an essay
. a child, I always found myself looking through one eye; visually obscuring further away things with other closer things.
Try it...The closer thing is in focus while the further away thing isn't. That's a shallow depth of field. (Bet ya didn't expect a free li'l photography lesson, did ya?)
I was composing like a photographer while I still had skinned knees, wondering why ripped open Super Balls smelled so good (no, modern day ones don't; they changed the recipe), and arguing with my brother over territorial boundaries on the couch we shared while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

It wasn't until decades later that I was gifted my first digital camera. "What do I do with this? Point it and say, 'Say Cheese?'"...I assure you, I was clueless.
One day, driving around, I came across a boarded up, abandoned home, somewhere between Old Bridge & the Atlantic. I pulled over, snapped a quick, intention-less picture, and thought nothing of it.
It wasn't until I loaded that bad boy onto my computer, and clicked a button that turned it to black and white. My eyes widened, and I leaned as close to my desk as I could.
"Look at the sun peeking through the leaves! Look at the shadows on the lawn! If I knew what I was doing, this [photography] could be really cool!"
I was hooked. 

Oh, and...Cats are my spirit animal, and (to steal a B-Boys lyric here) dogs love me because I'm crazy sniffable. I spend much of my time wondering when I'll eat Indian, Sushi, or Korean Tacos (or honestly, any tacos) again.


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