Laurita Winery Engagement Session

scenic engagment

Plenty of photos below. Scroll if you must, but their love story is worth reading!  

Alison and Paul met one “late” Saturday night. Alison was with her friend Chelsea venting at the bar over drinks when Paul came up and started talking to her. In a case of mistaken identity, Paul quickly realized Alison wasn’t who he thought she was, and said “Oh I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else.” Fatefully, Alison responded, "Well, you interrupted our conversation so the least you can do is buy me a drink!" Clearly, the rest is history. 

How did we end up shooting their engagement session at Laurita Winery? Alison and Paul wanted to have their wedding ceremony at Alison's childhood church, and the reception at a vineyard. The distance between Laurita Winery and the church was not ideal for their wedding day. The venue they ultimately chose for the reception is the one and only Ryland Inn. While in the wedding planning process, Alison and Paul  fell in love with Laurita Winery's grounds, and they also loved the vibe they got from the staff.  Photographing their engagement session on the grounds was the perfect way to incorporate this special winery into the memories of celebrating their upcoming wedding after all!

About Paul's snazzy NY Giants socks that you'll notice... Paul’s love for the Giants has been since... FOREVER. Anytime they’re playing, they’re on the TV. Paul consistently wears the same Giants shirt if they won while he was wearing that specific shirt. However, those giants socks are more due to his new obsession with fun socks. He has socks with flowers, whisky bottles, the Presidents, and of course the Giants. He’s also planning to buy the groomsmen socks of their favorite sports teams. It just so happens that I love fun socks as well. My favorite pair happen to be covered in sushi!

Looking back, Alison and Paul are surprised they hadn’t met earlier. It turns out that they have many overlapping friends due to the amount of friends that we have in common. There are pictures of a particular beer pong competition that Paul where Alison can actually see her own cousin in the background! The amount of people that they both know, yet they still didn't meet each other until 4 years ago never ceases to amaze them both. 

All that matters in the end is that the time was right, and they eventually did meet each other at their local watering hole. 

I wanted to also take a moment to thank Laurita Winery for their gracious hospitality, and for gifting these lovebirds free roam of the land. Sun (well, it was actually cloudy all day right up until we showed up), wide open nature, love in full was a perfect day and a perfect location to celebrate the engagement of Alison & Paul! #matyskielsealsthedeal