A Charming New Hope, PA Wedding at Hotel Du Village

hotel du village wedding new hope pennsylvania

On March 17, 2017, I was lucky enough to be asked by my friend Grace Brown (click the link to see Grace's timeless work) if I would shoot beside her.
She told me she had this charming, nice, sweet, happy couple...
I know what you're thinking; that's what they all say.
The proof is in the photos. Wait 'til you see these! Is there one where Kate isn't smiling? I don't think there are any where Chris isn't smiling, either! I seriously, literally, honestly do not think I've seen a happier or more in love couple than these two.
The ceremony was held at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Buckingham, Pennsylvania. The warmth of the sunlight peeking in made everyone forget about the high-banked, plowed snow in the lot outside. The ceremony was full of much interaction and sharing. There were speeches, candle lighting, and hugs throughout.
After the ceremony, Kate and Chris received their guests one by one in the lobby with open arms, hugs, and oh yeah, did I mention smiles? The joy was contagious.
After everyone had their opportunity for a little face time with the bride and groom, we all made our way to Hotel Du Village in New Hope.
Although I'd been there before, the charm never gets old. The outdoor fire pits, the reception room's decor elements of wood and willows, the wall of windows in the adjoining bar; it's flat out lovely. A perfect blend of chic-meets-rustic.
After shooting the details, I met the newlyweds outside for portraits by the fire pit. It was cozy, intimate, and a little pause before the true festivities that were about to begin.
Once we headed back inside. It was time for the entrances and the dances. Would you like to know a little secret? During their first dance, I cried. Yup. All six feet and one inch tall, shaved head and perpetual five o'clock shadowed me had tears in my eyes. I couldn't help but succumb to the joy, the love, and the perpetual and unrelenting glow of that special 'thing' that Kate and Chris have. THAT right there is the kind of energy you don't see everyday; and I was not just lucky, but grateful to be there to witness and capture it all.
The rest of the night went as you'd expect. Happiness, love, dancing, and moments. For me, it felt like it was over before it began.
Thank you, Grace; for inviting me to photograph alongside you. Most of all, thank you Kate and Chris for sharing your charm, your happiness, and your love with me that day. I wish you all the very best; and many, many happy years to come!