New Jersey Wedding Engagement Proposal - Morgan Said Yes -Daniel Nydick Photography

Steve recently contacted me. He was going to propose to his longtime sweetheart, Morgan. On a dock. At sunset. And he wanted me to photograph it.

I agreed to meet Steve for a walk through. I wanted to scope out the area, see where the light is, and do a run through. I did this to not only ease Steve's nerves a little, but to also ensure I will know what I'm walking into. I wanted to provide Steve and Morgan with the best captured memories I possibly could. This is a one-shot deal, after all. There are no do-overs on the emotional reactions one has when being proposed to.

Here are the test shots I did with Steve. He walked down the path where he would have mementos and photographs on display for them to walk past, an actual 'memory lane'.
He then walked out on to the dock where he would propose.

wedding engagement proposal new jersey photographer.jpg

The test shots looked great! Now, all we had to do was wait (and keep our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain).

Guess what? My whole drive down on the big rained. However...I saw rainbows the entire time. I just knew it would all work out in the end. 

When I arrived, Steve's sister, Nicole; and Morgan's sisters, Haley and Rachel had set up all of the details. There were framed photos and meaningful keepsakes from memorable times throughout their relationship set up on the posts along the walkway to the dock. They also helped me out with one more set of test shots. A BIG thank you goes out to these three women who really made the whole experience a step above.

NJ wedding engagement proposal


Once this all transpired, all I could do was take photos of the scenery, and wait.

Sunset wedding proposal new jersey photographer


Once Steve and Morgan arrived, I snapped away. I'll let the photos tell you the rest of the story. 

Congratulations Morgan and Steve! Thank you for letting me tell your story.