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Thankful to be a New Jersey Wedding Photographer

On March 11, 2017, I was lucky enough to be enlisted by Taj Dickinson to second-shoot a wedding with him for some wonderful people.
People I never met until that day.
It was a long one, for sure. 9am start, 90 minutes from home; and my butt didn't reach my bed until 1:30 the following morning. 
You'd think I'd be sitting here right now writing about how tired I was, how cold and windy it was while doing groomsmen portraits on the water, how my body ached after being strapped with 2 cameras and 10 lbs. of gear hanging off my shoulders for 15 hours...nope!
I'm here to write about what made my breakfast so wonderful the following day.
I walked in the door for bride prep photos wearing my sock monkey hat, and the family instantly welcomed me with open arms. My hat evoked the sense of familiarity of a loved one that had passed and could not be there on this special day.
Being my usual smiling, up-for-anything self blended just dandily with the energy that was abundant in the home.
As the day went (and my head-warmer stayed) on, it was like being with old friends. One of the things I LOVE about photographing weddings is that I get a new surrogate family for the day. I'm there to laugh with them, cry with them (yes, it has happened!), and party with them....AND I get to capture memories they will cherish forever (how cool is this job?).
Many hugs and acknowledgements were shared throughout the day. Now, fast-forward to the reception...the groom had been enjoying my enthusiasm, and went out of his way to come up to me to tell me how much he loved watching me do my thing, while offering a mixed high-five handshake hug kind of thing that happens when people are excited, music is loud, and lot's of good times are being shared.
After we packed up our gear and made ready for Elvis to leave the building, we noticed donuts on the table by the exit. Parting gifts. Keepsakes. A little bit of 'them' to take home with us.
With said scrumptiousness in tow (ok, technically I took two, but I'm the one telling the story), I made my journey home to my lonely bed.
The next morning, I awoke groggy, sore, and hungry. It then dawned on me...DOOOOOONUUUUUUT!!!!!!! I trudged to the kitchen, poured some iced-coffee, and opened the personalized box that housed a toasted coconut delicacy. I was literally inches away from taking a bite when it I realized...wait a second, I photograph food, I have this perfectly textured donut, a decorated gift box, and these lingering warm n' fuzzy feelings about the 'real' people I spent nearly a full day with. 
I wanted to give them one more photograph; a gift from me.
Ashley & Marvin, this gift is for you. Thank you for sharing your day with me.