When tacos and love collide, all is possible…

Here's a unique blog post for you. At the time of writing this, two days after meeting this couple, no contracts have been signed, and no money has been exchanged. This is me, Daniel Nydick, showing all future brides how much I love what I do, and what kind of energy and enthusiasm I bring to your wedding day.

A couple days ago I met Jamie & Jaymes at Gringo's Taco in Jersey City. They were interested in hiring me to be their wedding photographer, so we got together for some food, drinks, and a consult. For as much as I would LOVE to tell you about how delicious my chicken and waffles tacos were, or how perfect my mezcal margarita with jalapeños and spiced rim was, or how pleasant and accommodating the staff was (James, a big thanks to you and everyone who made this night what it was!), I honestly just want to show you some photos.

I recently picked up some new travel companions, my Fuji X-T2 mirrorless camera, and three lenses; 23mm, 35mm, and 56mm. I shoot weddings with Canon 5DMKIV camera bodies, but I just needed something bite-size and ready to go when on the go, and the Fuji does the trick!
This meeting was the perfect place to put my Fuji 'toy' through the paces and see how well I could combine my approach to on-the-go photography with my professional work.

I had told Jamie I'd 'most likely' bring the camera along, and I am (not even exaggerating) beyond thrilled that I did. We shot inside the restaurant, and we shot outside the restaurant. They walked, jumped, leaped, climbed, kissed, embraced, laughed, and hammed it up.

This is the beginning of something really sweet, I can feel it. Oh, and if you like sweet, check out Jamie's custom cakes and cupcakes! I wonder if she's making her own wedding cake? I suppose I'll find out!