Candid, Photo Journalistic, Moody, Evocative, Wedding Photography


One part light. One part angle. Two parts you. Pretty simple, right?
Evocative. Vibrant. Real. Love.
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Because life moves at the speed of life, my Instagram feed is full of exciting current work that hasn’t reached the website yet.

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Lifestyle sessions are perfect for couples, families, maternity, portraits and headshots. While there will be posing for pictures (gah...who likes hearing that phrase?), my shots will be largely fashioned around you, your family's personality and the goofy-loving-happy-tender-strong-silly-awesomeness that makes you, YOU.

Whether we shoot at your favorite park, cityscape, beach, downtown or your own front door, we'll have fun, you WILL laugh and I wouldn't be surprised if you wanted to have me over for coffee (it's ok if you don't, I most likely already had three).

Oh, and did I mention my camera is pet-friendly? I love animals—almost as much as coffee!


Our lives are full of moments. My work turns your moments into memories. It's like alchemy, but real! Be it a bouncy house birthday party, the packed dance floor in your club (yes, even if it's polka), a once in a lifetime family reunion, grand openings, new beginnings, behind the scenes, etc. I'm ready to cover it all!